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For more than 25 years, Catalyst Performance Systems has worked with organizations to apply research-based management tools that analyze human behavior, talents and motivators in the workplace. These quick, accurate and reliable tools measure each person's strengths and work styles. With data identifying each employees' natural talents and stress factors, our array of tools guides your organization in more effectively managing your people.

Catalyst Performance Systems also specializes in leadership development, organizational change and teambuilding. This includes executive coaching, talent matching, hiring and retention processes, customized leadership training, conflict resolution between teams and individuals and executive retreat facilitation.

Our clients experience results such as: behavior change in leaders, improved performance and a more committed workforce.

How We Work With Our Clients

Our Clients ask us to...

Define human characteristics for a new position and help select the person that meets not just the experience, but the working style that is most likely to succeed in the job.

Help identify employees' individual strengths, communication and working styles.

Help apply employee profiles to work within their organizational processes to more effectively manage staff individually and in teams by understanding their natural abilities, needs and motivation.

Build effective, balanced teams, and anticipate potential problem areas.

Help them learn the most effective ways to apply the broad implications of understanding and managing your most precious and valued resource the people who make your company.

Coach an executive to improve his or her leadership ability.

Teach managers skills such as how to coach, manage performance, manage change, manage Generation X and Y or management workplace stress.

Resolve conflicts between teams or individuals.

Help them become "an employer of choice" by consulting creative ideas to recruit and keep valuable employees and help them implement organizational change.

Help create performance feedback processes and one-on-one help for managers to develop action plans for behavior change.

Design a mentor program.

Teach mentoring skills.

Provide their employees tools and insight on how to take responsibility for their own career and add more value on the job.

Conduct an employee and/or member survey and implement needed changes.

Identify gaps in customer satisfaction and improve on-the-job systems and training.

We listen to our clients to identify the outcomes they want...

For organization-wide issues and problems, we often conduct as assessment, conduct interviews or focus groups. We present detailed recommendations and help our clients to implement changes by working with all levels within the organization. Our goal is to leave the organization with stronger systems, improved communication, better skills effective tools to continue growth and improvement.

For presentations and training, we collaborate with meeting planners and internal organizational development leaders.

When appropriate, we survey participants and/or their employees before a training event, so participants can apply the learning to actual, relevant data.

Dan Ipes', founder of Catalyst Performance Systems, professional biography.

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