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Performance Development

Continuous development is essential to individuals and organizations alike.

Catalyst Performance Systems will:

Challenge your values

Challenge you to lead your business

Develop high performing teams

Drive your performance to new levels

We know how to develop individuals, teams and organizations to lead and achieve outstanding performance. Through our portfolio of workshops and programs we have enabled business and public sector clients to exceed their expectations.

Our learning and development programs improve skills and build morale. Flexible delivery methods with targeted content and individual focus guarantee results. Each Catalyst Performance Systems program is customized to meet individual client's needs.


Keynote presentations (45-90 minutes)

Half- or full day seminars and workshops

Leadership and Team development processes spaced over time

Executive retreats


IACET CEU's can be provided to individuals after the completion of several workshops listed below. Many types of professionals need CEU credits to maintain their accreditation. To discover how our learning experiences can meet your continuing education requirements, call us at 410-499-0516.

Sample Program Topics

DISC Management Strategies

Effective Selling of Professional Services with Behavioral Style Strategy

Understanding Your Leadership Style

How to Understand Yourself and Others

Conflict Resolution Dynamics

Dynamic Communication

Values Motivators at Work and at Home

Building High Performance Teams with Style

Creating Trust Bonds in Teams

Coaching for Superior Performance

Performance Management

Behavioral Selling Skills

Customer Satisfaction

Below are some examples of workshops that we have customized for our clients.

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DISC Management Strategies

DISC Management Strategies (DSM) is a powerful reality-based learning experience to help you discover practical new strategies for identifying and managing the wide range of individual and organizational needs in a complex, changing workplace. The DSM program eliminates the frustrating time-consuming, trial-and-error process of managing differences. The DMS approach uses the simple, easy-to-understand DISC System for describing your behavior; the behavior of others and the behavior required by your job.

Through the DSM process you’ll move from a basic awareness and understanding of your behavior; and the behavior of others, to applying actual strategies for managing yourself, others, their job, and performance. It’s an approach that is reality-based, practical and results-oriented for developing the skills necessary to manage in today’s complex world.

Dynamic Communication for IT Professionals

Dynamic Communication is a behaviorally based communication workshop specially designed for IT professionals that teaches how to communicate using the DISC language as a tool to help understand themselves and others. The workshop incorporates a behavioral assessment to give participants a more complete understanding of what DISC is and how to use it for more effective communication. IT professionals learn how to interact effectively with others and to appreciate the behavioral styles of others.

Effective Selling of Professional Services with Behavioral Style Strategy

Are you a professional provider of services? Do  you you wish you could improve your People-Reading Skills to create profitable Client-Generating Relationships. If you want to expand your client base and sell more services - and increase your income - this learning experience will help you reach your goals. 

Understanding Your Personal Leadership Style

Super Charge your Leadership by learning the keys to adaptability!
This is a practical approach to understanding how your style of leadership and management behavior affects the way you communicate and relate to others...and how they are likely to respond!

Building Teams With Style

Have you ever been puzzled by why some teams you've been on seem to work together better than others? Why you get along so easily with one person on your team while your relationship with another seems to be a constant struggle? Building Teams With Style is your opportunity to discover what motivates yourself and others -- and how this insight can help you and other team members build better better working relationships. The workshop also provides an excellent spring board for team building in technical, professional, management and customer service applications.

Understanding How Others Misunderstand You

This workshop will help you to recognize differences and identify behavioral styles among people you interact with in order to build better relationships and communication with the people you work with, your customers and even at home. The training challenges you to examine your own behavioral style within the context of day-to-day business, as well as how behavioral style differences often become barriers to accepting others -- especially the notion that because they are different, there must be something wrong with "them."

Once you understand how people with styles of behavior that vary from yours approach situations and problems differently than you, you will be able to develop more effective approaches for working with others. You will also get a glimpse of how behavioral style differences can become barriers and stifle team efforts and creativity when understanding and acceptance of those differences is not present.

Coaching for Superior Performance

Do you want to learn how to maximize the strengths of your style of communication to be a more effective coach and leader? Coaching for Superior Performance will help you discover how to become an effective coach and create more understanding, trusting and collaborative work relationships through personal adaptability.

Your Attitude is Showing

Do you wish you could improve how you relate to others? Develop an understanding of how your Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values can lead to the Winning Edge!

Every day you are faced with real situations which call for thought, decisions, opinions and actions. Consciously or unconsciously, every decision or course of action you take is based on experiences, beliefs, attitudes and values. Your willingness to make tough decisions or dedicate the time to achieve a difficult goal results from what you judge as most valuable. That’s why when you want to understand why people do what they do, discovering their attitudes and values can be extremely important.

Dynamic Communication

Dynamic Communication is a powerful behavioral communication workshop that uses our Success Insights™ series of reports. This interactive, six hour seminar is specifically designed to improve lines of communications, decrease tension on the job, improve working relationships, decrease stress and increase the understanding of self and others. This seminar is tailored to your particular communication challenges. Participants who attend will apply their learning the same day!

Behavioral Selling Skills

How to use your People-Reading Skills to create profitable Sales-Generating Relationships. Understanding, recognizing, and adapting to different styles can either facilitate or impede the success of your sales process.

Coupled with our Internet-based behavioral styles analysis tools, you'll learn success-achievement insights into client and customer areas like:

The typical characteristics of each type of client behavioral style

The driving forces in selling to each behavioral style

The hindering factors in selling to each behavioral style

The typical types of questions asked (and anticipated by the sales professional) by each behavioral style

The type of sales presentation required by each behavioral style

Statements that you can use to motivate each client behavioral style

How to "close" with each different behavioral style

If you would like more information about how our learning and development programs can be customized to meet your needs or eligibility for CEU's can be met, give us a call at 410-499-0516.


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