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Team Development...


           Because the "whole" working together is greater

                 than the sum of your "parts."


Like individual coaching, Team Coaching is designed to improve the  performance of both the whole team as well as its individual members through the development and enhancement of key elements that define high performance teams.  

Ask yourself these questions about your team:

Do your team members take responsibility for the team's
overall success?

Do all team members operate within the same sense of purpose and with the same vision as their leader?

Does your team have a high level of trust among the members?

Does your team regularly evaluate how it is doing and how well it is working together?

Does everyone clearly understand their role and the role of all team members so that accountabilities are clear?

Have you defined how you will work together and how you will resolve differences?

Can your team self-correct when it finds itself off course or when business circumstances suddenly change?

Is everyone on your team committed to each others success as well as the team's success?

If you answered with several "no's" team coaching is a development process your team needs. What does a team coaching process look like? The exact process is custom designed based on your specific needs, but the following steps are often included:

Team Assessment: Using a simple tool, we will evaluate where your team stands so that everyone can have a clear picture of how the team is working.

Individual Assessment: A DISC behavioral style profile, Workplace Motivators, and a Personal Talents Skills Inventory are administered to each team member to establish a strong starting point for discussion about management and communication styles, motivations and capabilities of the team. The Coach will review and interpret each assessment tool with the team members to establish an in-depth understanding of the results and their implications on the functioning of the team.

Kick-off Session: This two-day event allows the DISC Behavioral Style profile and Workplace Motivators assessments to be both taught and the results of the assessments presented to team. In addition, the Personal Talents Skills Inventory results are presented individually to the team members. The outcome of the Kick-off sets the stage and focus for the actual coaching.

Team Coaching: Based on the discussion at the conclusion of the Kick-off Session, the Coach will work with the team (either in person or via teleconference) on defining, developing and refining the focal points the team agrees need work.

So, if your a team leader or organizational leader who would like to see your team become more effective, we can help! Give us a call at 410-499-0516 and explore the possibilities of how our coaching processes can help you and your team become more successful.




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