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Finding and hiring the best person for a position in your company can feel like throwing a dart at a moving target hoping you'll hit the bull's eye. How do you know you are choosing the top candidate for the job? How can you be sure this person will fit well in your corporate culture? How can you see through the initial polish to the true potential of a candidate?

Catalyst Performance Systems' combination of experience, resources and scientifically validated assessment and evaluation process helps out clients make informed hiring decisions - creating confidence their choice will match both technical criteria and the soft skills necessary to do the job well. We focus on finding the best talent match for the position, company culture and vision. Then we work with you to ensure their success.

The Catalyst Performance Systems Model

Catalyst Performance Systems' strategies are geared toward identifying highly qualified middle and upper management, sales and IT candidates. Our process goes beyond evaluating the traditional hard skills needed in a position. We can accurately measure a candidate's soft skills related to the job benchmark including behaviors, motivators and thinking patterns crucial for superior performance.

More than just placing a candidate, Catalyst Performance Systems' goal is to maximize your candidate's contribution to your company through ongoing interaction with your newly hired leader.

The Process

Finding the right candidate for our clients involves a systematic process to ensure an effective job match. Our team will:

Develop the job benchmark--using a scientifically validated process, we create an accurate and insightful picture of the position.

Use our extensive database and network--through clearly defined searches, we pull from the top professionals available.

Identifying prime candidates--our candidate assessment goes beyond the resume, using the same criteria as the job benchmark to ensure an excellent job fit.

Check references, prior employment, education history and perform initial telephone screening--saving you time and effort. Screening includes an in-depth background check (for the past seven years) including Social Security verification, driving record, federal and county criminal search, plus a credit check for C-level executive positions.

Recommend up to 10 prime candidates--our screening process ensures you only interview top prospects.

Provide interview questions tailored to the position--taking into consideration both the job benchmark and the candidate, we can suggest questions that will touch the most important issues quickly.

Furnish a customized New Hire Orientation kit--by assessing both the job and the candidate, we can create a personalized coaching path for your candidate to promote superior performance in the position as rapidly as possible.

Offer ongoing support--we include an initial talent debriefing with the manager and candidate with 30 days of date of hire.

Follow up at 90 days--we check in with the employee and the manager to ensure that the new employee's development is making a solid contribution to the company.

Reduce your risk--our 4-Month 100% satisfaction guarantee promises we will refill the position at no extra cost, if necessary.

Powerful Results with Catalyst Performance Systems

Utilizing a scientific yet customized approach allows us to find the very best match for your company. Our clients have experienced tremendous results including:

Rapid placement - often within 45 days

Less turnover

Reduced long-term hiring costs

Superior overall job matches

Successful new hires

Our Catalyst Performance Systems team is looking forward to helping you with your next candidate search.  Give us a call at 410-499-0516 and we'll show you how to achieve powerful results.



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