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If The Job Could Talk What Would It Tell Us?


It would tell us:

What attributes are required for superior performance,

What internal motivators the job rewards, and

What behaviors are necessary for success

The TriMetrix™ Job is a powerful position benchmarking system designed to help organizations hire more effectively, develop their existing people and create a performance driven culture. The TriMetrix™ Assessment is the most comprehensive, in-depth, real-world, easy-to-use assessment tool ever developed.

As a hiring tool, the TriMetrix™ System gets behind each candidate’s mask and identifies his or her true capacities to perform. This is far more than simply identifying behavior.

Although important, behavior is only part of a truly complete profile – you must measure more and measure it accurately. That’s exactly what the TriMetrix™ System does and why our clients find that hiring someone without it doesn't make much sense if they have such a tool, why not use it!

Here’s how the TriMetrix™ Job Assessment works:

  1. First, a group of survey participants are selected (up to 10 people). This is what we call the stakeholder group. Typically this group of participants is comprised of top performers in the job being benchmarked, people who manage the position and a member of the executive management team. Basically, these are the people who have something to gain if the job is successfully executed.

  2. Before the stakeholder group scores the survey they go through a 20-30 minute briefing process with a Catalyst Performance Systems associate in a group meeting or via a conference call. This exercise is designed to get everyone "on the same page" with regard to the position requirements. Participants are given detailed instructions before scoring the survey.

  3. Each member of the stakeholder group scores a 3 part survey (called the TriMetrix™ Job) via the Internet. The survey takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and participants simultaneously complete the survey immediately following the briefing session.

  4. The TriMetrix™ benchmark yields the top 7 Attributes that the position requires, the top 3 Values that the position rewards and the top 3 Behaviors that are necessary for success in the position.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, assessment systems are most effective when a variety of tools are used to measure personnel. This is what's called the “whole person” approach.

The TriMetrix™ System integrates three unique, validated assessment tools into a complete benchmarking system, reflecting the theory asserted by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration.

This generates the “whole position” benchmark.

The results of the position analysis list which of 23 attributes the job requires for peak performance, in order of importance, to establish an effectiveness standard unique to your organization. This is your benchmark of peak performance for virtually any position in your organization.

It also includes interview questions, plus it allows you to compare an individual's capacity for success against those required for the job. There is also a complete performance management and job coaching system that is unique to each position. This is a simple and effective hiring and management system all rolled into one.

Once the benchmark is established job candidates as well as current employees in the position are assessed using the TriMetrix™ System Talent Report. Then, their personal assessment results are compared to the position benchmark. Like the TriMetrix™ Job survey, the Talent survey measures Personal Skills/Capacities, Values and Behaviors and is completed on the Internet.

The essential ingredients for success in each job!


The TriMetrix™ System uses the “whole position” and “whole person” approach and integrates the two.

The right TALENT in the right JOB spells SUCCESS! The TriMetrix™ System enables companies to replace common biases often involved in the selection process with factual data based on JOB REQUIREMENTS.

The TriMetrix™ Job/Talent Comparison Report gives you the flexibility to compare an individual or multiple candidates to a job.

TriMetrix™ Job/ Talent Comparison Report for multiple candidates


Now You Can Coach Your People as well with the New TriMetrix System Coaching Reports!

Based on the results of an individual's TriMetrix™ Talent Report the new TriMetrix™ System Coaching Reports provide a comprehensive and flexible tool to help you coach, motivate and manage your people. The report provides insight to three distinct areas: Behaviors, Motivators and Attributes. By helping each person understand his or her strengths and weaknesses in each of the three areas, the TriMetrix™ System Coaching Reports will lead to personal and professional development and higher levels of satisfaction in their job.

Applications for TriMetrix in YOUR Business

The TriMetrix™System has been developed for a multitude of business applications, including:

Job Benchmarking

Talent Selection

Employee Coaching

Employee Development

Performance Appraisals

Succession Planning

Organization Development  

hat can TriMetrix do for YOU?  

Begin today with a review of how the TriMetrix™ System can contribute to the successful application of TALENT within your organization — and lay the foundation for organization's success!

To discover more about how the TriMetrix System can help your organization, give us a call at 410-499-0516.

To see another example of how the TriMetrix™ System skyrocketed Dealer Excellence and CSI ratings while assisting a 96% profitability increase, click here!

Sample TriMetrix™ System Reports

Click on the links below to view sample reports in .

Multiple Respondents Benchmarking a Job based on Key Accountabilities:

TriMetrix™ System Multiple Respondent Job Report 


TriMetrix Job Report after Benchmarking is completed:

TriMetrix™ System Job Report


TriMetrix Talent Report:

TriMetrix™ Talent Report

TriMetrix Talent Comparison Report:

TriMetrix™ Job/ Talent Comparison Report


TriMetrix System Personalized Development Plan:

TriMetrix™ Personal Development Plan


TriMetrix System Coaching Report

This report reveals a comprehensive, three dimensional picture of an individual's talent potential. It gives you a clear blueprint of their behavioral style, their underlying motivators and their judgment patterns.

TriMetrix™ System Coaching Report - Executive

TriMetrix™ System Coaching Report - General

TriMetrix™ System Coaching Report - Sales

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