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Do You Know The Truth About How Smart Companies Maintain Peak Levels of Performance In Their Leaders, Managers AND Employees?

What we’re about to reveal is really quite simple, but it’s not easy…

Smart organizations select, hire, retain and develop the right people and put them in the right positions. The best teams have great players and those players are used correctly!

It’s really this simple:


Two people may similar qualifications and experience on paper...but their attitudes can be worlds apart. For example, who would you rather have on your team?

Michael Jordan...                  OR...                Dennis Rodman?

Jerry Rice...                            OR...                Terrell Owens?

Michelle Kwan...                    OR...                Tonya Harding?

In each case, what makes the difference is largely below the surface. It's no different when you're hiring someone to join your team

Look beneath the Surface BEFORE Making a Hiring Decision

Most of the time, people are hired based on their work experience and job skills. But when someone is fired (or when it just doesn't work out) it's almost always because of personal skills. Personal skills are closely related to a person's attitude. They're sometimes referred to as a person's "true colors" – the qualities that surface when the going gets tough for example:

Job Ethic

Self-Starting Abilitiy

Results Orientation

Personal Accountability


It's a harsh reality of traditional hiring methods – personal skills make or break a new hire's chances of success, but they're frequently overlooked in the hiring process.

The TriMetrix™ Assessment: Digging Deeper Than Behavioral Assessments

Real talent lies below the surface – it's also where you'll find potential problems that can blow up later on. The TriMetrix assessment process goes beyond standard behavior-based assessments to uncover what's driving behavior. It's different from other assessments because it measures three vital dimensions:

1. Behavior (on the outside)

2. Personal skills (below the surface)

3. Values (the very core of an individual's being)

Through TriMetrix you'll have the information you need to identify raw talent – even if your candidate doesn't have much experience. And TriMetrix alerts you if there are red flags in a candidate's profile indicating a poor fit with your job requirements. No more "We never say it coming..." situations when your ideal candidate turns out to be full of unpleasant surprises.

Adding TriMetrix to Your Hiring Process Allows You to:

Get past the typical interview facade to find out who your candidate will be when the new job "honeymoon" is over

Predict – with great certainty – whether or not the candidate is going to be able to fit into your company's culture, connect the dots, and finally make it happen

Look under the hood and find out what kind of team member each candidate will be

Cut turnover by finding out who "fits" the job before you make a hiring decision


Read on for more information about how it works.


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