Rx CD System Learning
                                          and Development Tools

Here is your opportunity to provide customized learning tools to significantly increase your organization's effectiveness in coaching, mentoring, training and developing your organization's most valuable asset: YOUR PEOPLE!

What is the Rx CD System? 

The TTI Personal Talent Skills Inventory™ and TriMetrix™ System assessments give you an exact snapshot of a person's cognitive structure, behaviors and values. These assessments allow you to specifically target key areas of emphasis that a person may need to develop to be more effective.

Your people want to be coached and motivated to do the very best. After an individual completes the initial assessment, the Rx CD System is a way to continue, support and imbed critical development strategies.

Once an assessment reveals the growth areas where further coaching, consulting, mentoring and training mastery is required, you can select the Rx CDs that are targeted to fit each person's need perfectly. Rx CDs can also be prescribed to help someone to go from "good" to "excellent" as they hone their skills. The choice is yours!

How the Rx CD System Works 

Each of the Rx CD programs is a unique, one-of-a-kind tool. Unlike traditional audio programs, this CD is a combination Audio/Data CD that can be played in a traditional audio CD player like any other CD, but can also be placed into a PC's CD/DVD drive. When the CD is placed into your PC, you have the capacity to print corresponding workbooks and activity sheets that are geared to each specific topic.

Users are able to listen to targeted coaching pointers over and over again while following along with the manual and completing exercises that go along with each topic.

Self Starting Ability sample Rx CD learning module manual.

Handling Rejection sample Rx CD learning module manual.

The Rx CDs are integrated into a validated personal assessment system and provide the special benefits of:

Pin-point accurate targeted personal development program.

Drives user to recognize areas of development that would not be apparent otherwise.

Gives the assessment lasting and meaningful depth for both the user and the coach.

User is more likely to actually improve in areas of weakness – the assessment alone is not enough to change behavior. An individual may say, “Ok, I know I need help in this area, but what do I do about it?”

Increased productivity and development for the user.

 Utilizing the “How To” exercises on each Rx CD makes it possible for:

Users to take a planned and systematic approach to improving performance in a specific area.

Users to be more likely to stay on task because he or she has a point of reference to which they can refer back throughout the year.

Lasting change in attitudes and behaviors to occur.

Management to be able to hold people accountable for development.

Rx CD System Titles 

The information on the Rx CDs  is comprehensive and provides an outstanding resource for both coaching and individual personal development. Couple these CDs with the extensive insights provided by the TriMetrix™ System and the TTI Personal Talent Skills Inventory™  assessments which pin-point more than 140 specific areas for potential development and you have a total systems approach to help your people achieve their greatest potential.

For a complete list of the Rx CD System titles, CLICK HERE


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