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The Need for Talent

Today, business success is measured in TALENT — The RIGHT TALENT for the job! Lack of job performance and related employee turnover result in missed business opportunities and increased costs. Eventually this lowers the value of a company's stock. It makes business sense that managers are now seeking better ways to accurately assess, develop and retain top talent. Now there is a proven assessment that will assist you in these endeavors the TTI Personal Talent Skills Inventory!

About the TTI Personal Talent Skills Inventory

In 1967 Dr. Robert S. Hartman published The structure of Value: Foundations of Scientific Axiology and founded the new science of Axiology. Axiology is a mathematically accurate assessment that objectively identifies how our mind analyzes and interprets our experiences. It identifies how we are most likely to react to a given situation. It helps us to understand the patterns we use to form judgments about anything.

Unlike any other instruments intended for a clinical setting but adapted to a business one, the TTI Personal Talent Skills Inventory was designed, from the beginning based on the science of Axiology, exclusively for use in a business environment and specifically tailored to meet the needs of business managers and executives today. The result is an accurate ranking of personal Skills and Capacities describing individual potential for workplace performance.

Unique to the Personal Talent Skills Inventory is its ability to assess an individual's cognitive structure (i.e., how their mind perceives themselves and the world around them). This tool scientifically measures the degree to which an individual focuses on any given thought. The greater the focus the greater the value of the thought which leads to what people will do.


The TTI Personal Talent Skills Inventory measures the three " dimensions of thinking" and how they are involved in every judgment or decision we make.

The three dimensions of thinking are:

The People Dimension: Intense personal involvement with, concentration on, or investment in specific people. This dimension involves acknowledging people as unique individuals. Examples include love, empathy, creativity, conscience, etc.

The Tasks Dimension: The real, practical world and the things in it. This is the dimension of thinking that involves things as they compare with other things, relative or practical thinking. Examples include elements of the real, material world, comparisons of good/better/best, and seeing people, tasks or things as they compare with other people or things in their class.

The Systems Dimension: Absolute black & white, formal ideas of how things should or should not be, all or nothing. This dimension is the one of definitions or ideals, goals, structured thinking, policies, procedures, rules, laws, oughts and shoulds.

Example - A Chair 

The Systems Dimension thought about a chair is about if it is a chair, what is a chair? If it has four legs, a back and it will hold a person's weight...it is a chair.

The Tasks Dimension thought about the chair is how it compares to other chairs I know about. Is it a padded or a plain wood chair? Is it expensive or cheap?

The People Dimension thought is about its emotional value to me - my grandfather handmade the chair.

The more People Dimension the thought a person has the more likely h/she will act on it.


People use all three dimensions in their thought processes. It is the ratio with which we apply them that makes us different from one another. We all have different balances of the three dimensions; that's what makes our decisions and actions different from each other's. These dimensions, and how we use them, are at the core of who we are. They are behind our preferences, our strengths, and our weaknesses.

It is this understanding of our individual strengths and weaknesses that will enable us to affect change in our lives and achieve greater personal success. It is only by first understanding something that we are then able to change it.

In looking at thinking patterns, the TTI Personal Talent Skills Inventory highlights and measures 80 business-related capacities. For individuals, the TTI Personal Talent Skills Inventory confirms and helps them become more aware of what they are thinking about and how much they value those thoughts.

For example: Gaining Commitment: This is a capacity and it measures how proficient a person is developing and invoking a self-motivating attitude in his/her employees or co-workers in the pursuit of their goals.

When you come to believe that creating a self-motivating attitude is the key to gaining commitment, which is a key to more productivity it is clear the path the manager needs to take to be more successful.

When combined with an assessment of BEHAVIORAL TRAITS and VALUES, the TTI Personal Talent Skills Inventory presents a complete picture of individual talent.

Capacities are an important part of your organization's performance management system!


The TTI Personal Talent Skills Inventory can contribute successfully to a number of business processes requiring effective talent management, including:

Employee Selection

Employee Development

Coaching and Mentoring

Performance Appraisals

Targeted reports are available to identify key talents required in a number of business positions, such as:

Leadership and Management  

Sales Management


General Employment  

Customer Service


Emotional Intelligence


The TTI Personal Talent Skills Inventory has been validated in over 28 individual validation studies, conducted over 20 years by more than 19 separate examiners. It is proven to meet the rigorous standards for employment assessments referenced by the US Federal Government Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Validation has also been documented in the areas of Construct Validity, Concurrent Validity, Face Validity and Predictive Validity. Ongoing research continues to underscore the value of this unique business tool.

The Bottom Line

Talent is the priority in today's organizations. The keys to utilizing this asset to its fullest potential lie in understanding it and finding effective methods to measure it. The TTI Personal Talent Skills Inventory provides management with a powerful new business tool to move ahead in the race for top talent!

To discover more about how the TTI Personal Talent Skills Inventory can help your organization, give us a call at 410-499-0516.


Sample TTI Personal Talent Skills (PTSI) Inventory Reports  

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The Sales PTSI™

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