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Coaching For New Managers in IT and

According to a major study, every year in America companies lose 350 billion dollars due to having disengaged employees. The primary reason for these employees being disengaged is the lack of management and leadership capability among the ranks of their direct managers, and no where is this problem more painful and prevalent than in high technology companies. The  entire process of promoting new managers as well as the lack of follow-up, even among the most enlightened organizations, results in classic blunders being made again and again by new managers, which result in a sizable portion of that 350 billion dollar per year expense. Furthermore, given the strategic importance of management alignment and strong leadership on the ability of a company to successfully execute its strategic plans, the true impact exceeds even this hefty price-tag.

Your Solution: Coaching for New Managers and Leaders! 

The ranks of new managers  in high-tech companies are often filled through the  promotion of people from positions as technology professionals based upon their technical competence and capabilities. These new managers, often lack basic management 101 skills as well as a clear understanding of where they fit in the larger picture. As most HR departments are painfully aware, the predictable failure rate of the fledging leaders is very high. 

Even when an enlightened company offers these new managers management training classes, many of them return unsure as to how to apply what they've learned. Fearful of appearing not to be "up to the task," these new managers silently try to fight what appears to be a lonely, frustrating uphill battle. A few will leave after racking up what may total some very large costs on your company.

The cost of low management competence and its impact on employees resulting in disengagement with the company  is extremely high in the USA. According to Curt Coffman, co-author of "First, Break All the Rules" and "Now, Discover Your Strengths," this resulting disengagement costs American companies 350 billion dollars per year. (Gallup Organization.)

Human Resource professionals generally see these negative results in the form of:

Turnover and replacement costs

Employee relations incidents

Low productivity resulting in layoffs and terminations

When we consider the importance of technology (especially IT capabilities) as an interwoven enabler and key component of corporate strategy today, it is easy to see why of all the areas of management and leadership development where HR can drive value by increasing competence and capability, this is the most significant (According to the META Group, two out of three business deals must be passed over by companies due to lack of IT readiness).

The single best response to this challenge is coaching for new Managers.

Here's how and why. 

This coaching practice, targeted to the needs of new managers and their companies, is designed to provide company and job specific skills as well as the basic management 101 competencies needed by these new managers in order to quickly adapt  to their new jobs. For example: 

Getting a sense for the big corporate picture and alignment of IT in their organization

Understanding how their team fits into the big picture and how to lead effectively in a manner that results in their team making the most optimal contribution to the company

The skills needed for success in that specific position (e.g. ROI, Cost Management, Vendor Negotiations, etc.)

The basic Management 101 Skills With Specific Application to technology and IT environments

  1. Getting Their Managers Support

  2. Delegating

  3. Giving Effective Feedback

  4. How to keep the big picture focus

  5. How to get and project personal confidence

In essence, this is a fully customized, one-to-one program designed to produce fast, predictable and immediate results.

The Results

Unlike training, which often offers only a moderate success rate, coaching offers 570% returns on investment.  Specifically, you will see:

Fast mastery of skills specifically relevant to technology management and the specific job/role

Higher morale on the part of the new Manager and their team

Higher productivity

Retention of both the new fledging manager as well as members of their team

Clarity of purpose and the resulting confidence on the part of the new manager

The prevention of costly blunders with people, vendors, suppliers, etc.

What makes this practice so powerful?

It is specifically geared toward new managers in technology and delivered via a process that further customizes it to a company and job.

Instead of simply providing instruction, it promotes broader thinking through one-on-one interaction between your new manager and a seasoned expert.

It provides your new manager with guidance that is professional and objective while at the same time non-threatening.

If you would like more information about how you can experience the immense value of coaching IT and Technology Managers for you and your company, give us a call at 410-499-0516 to schedule your personal introductory session.



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