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Coaching Executives and Leaders

As the saying goes, itís lonely at the top. The higher you climb the corporate ladder, the more you have at stake. Often, leaders need guidance, but they resist help because they donít want to appear vulnerable to their key stakeholders. 

Executive coaching and counseling helps leaders of all levels overcome difficult circumstances to become effective and successful. Because it's done one-on-one, coaching helps individuals gain clarity, remove self-imposed limitations, and develop a plan for action.

For leaders in today's challenging roles, personal skills out rank hard skills by two to one in importance at the executive level.  These skills are anything from thinking strategically, being visionary,  building relationships, managing expectations, being accountable, and taking action. We coach people toward their goals while challenging them to master these skills. In the process we question their frames of reference, beliefs, and assumptions that keep them from achieving higher levels of success and satisfaction.

Executive coaching can lead to better decisions, more ideas and options, better support for the executive's agenda, clearer goals, better discovery of developmental needs and support for improvement.

Top 5 Reasons for Hiring an Executive Coach

If you're wondering why other organizations find that hiring a coach for their business leaders is a good idea, here's 5 top examples from a recent client survey:

Sharpening the leadership and personal skills of high potential individuals.

Correcting management behavior problems such as poor communication skills, failure to develop subordinates, or indecisiveness.

Ensuring the success or decreasing the failure rate of newly promoted managers and leaders.

Correcting employee relations problems such as poor interpersonal skills, disorganization, demeaning or arrogant behavior.

Developing the management and leadership skills of their technically oriented employees.


Why Executive and Business Coaching is GROWING!

With competitive pressures ever increasing, companies see coaching as a high ROI (Return on Investment) way to help valued employees develop swiftly in the changing business environment.

Research shows that the quality of the relationship between manager and employee is a major predictor of intentions to remain (The Gallup Organization, 1999). Coaching helps managers talk with subordinates about their developmental needs. There is little question that coaching is a valid method of producing desired change with leaders. Companies that have employed coaches agree that they yield improvements in performance and satisfaction.

About 6 out of 10 organizations currently offer coaching to their managers and executives according to a survey by Manchester, Inc., a Jacksonville, Florida career management consulting firm. Another 20% of companies said they plan to offer such coaching within the next year.

Our Executive and Business Coaching Processes are Designed to:

  1. Align the coaching client quickly to goals and accountability focused on achieving a higher level of performance.

  2. Illuminate what executives canít see but need to see - and possibly change - about their behavior, motivations, communication style, and capabilities.

  3. Work with executives to create a vision and an execution strategy, an "individual development plan" for their organization.

  4. Develop skills and behavior: leadership competencies, interpersonal, visionary thinking, conflict resolution, flexibility and delegation.

  5. Optimize training, evidence proves that training without coaching produces very little in terms of behavior or results, when coaching is part of 

  6. Work with executives to respond more effectively to changes and transitions in the business environment.

  7. Resolve interpersonal and business related conflicts to help get a leader and the team back on track toward achieving their objectives.

If you would like to explore the immense value of Executive Coaching for yourself or your executive team, give us a call at 410-499-0516 to schedule your personal COMPLIMENTARY introductory session.




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