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What's slowing you down on the road to success in your business?

Are you looking down the road and having a hard time getting your arms around the issues preventing your progress?

Are you...

Experiencing low productivity or lack luster sales?

Not able to attract or retain the best people to stabilize your business?

Concerned you have employees that don't get along with their team mates, or worse, your customers? 

Worried you can't formulate sales strategies that are easy to communicate with clear action plans?

Worried that because you reward the wrong employee activities you fail to maximize each customer relationship?

Frustrated your managers lack the "people skills" necessary to drive results and hold employees accountable?

Wishing you could find a way to increase customer loyalty AND decrease customer defection?

Catalysts For Your Success

Catalyst Performance Systems works with companies whose main asset is people. If you're like most companies, your team may not be performing at its full potential, and you have limited resources to increase revenues.

We believe the key to being a competitive and successful company is to hire the right people, develop their capacity to be extraordinary, and create a culture in which they can flourish and will want to stay.  

We also believe in "teaching people to fish" and provide them with the tools to do so. Since 1984 we've been helping businesses implement best practices utilizing technology, behavior and values assessments, and leadership development tools. Our Catalyst Performance Systems approach can help you answer questions like:

What skills does this person have that we can utilize?

What skills does the position most require?

How do I best develop my existing staff?

How do I best motivate such a diverse group of people?

How can I build the most effective team possible?

How can I retain the people we have invested in and prevent costly turnover?

What strengths/challenges do I have and where can I grow?

As you look through this site, and the volumes of powerful material available, you will find the answers to all of the questions above and many, many more. No matter what business you and I are in, no matter how incredible our product or service is it always comes down to people. Understanding people, ourselves and those around us, is the ultimate key to individual and organizational performance explosions. We can help your organization experience it's full potential starting today!

We know you will be amazed by the information you see here. If you have any questions, or if we can be of any assistance, please contact us by e-mail or call us at 410-499-0516 and let's talk about how we can help.


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