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360-Degree Feedback

                      Perception is Reality!

What is a 360-Degree Assessment?

360-Degree assessments are a powerful tool for providing feedback and helping an individual improve their interpersonal skills and primary competencies required for optimal performance. Our assessment gathers information  from several people about an individual's performance as seen by the expectations of his/her boss, peers, customers and self. Since our 360 assessments are fully customizable, they can be linked to your job benchmarks and organizational competencies.

Using a 360 process allows your organization to dissect performance results and create reporting at the team, group or enterprise level. This reporting provides senior executives and human resource professionals insights into performance strengths and deficiencies. This information also allows the organization to target development resources and gain the greatest return on those investment dollars.

Why Perform a 360-Degree Assessment? 

Research tells us that managers who receive 360-degree feedback can   improve their performance. This assessment gathers information from several people about an individual's effectiveness. This gives a person the unique opportunity to see themselves through the eyes of others. This tool will identify areas in which a person is performing above, at or below the standards of his/her boss, self, peers and customers (if applicable).

The 360 assessment is a powerful tool for helping individuals improve, grow and develop their "soft" (interpersonal) skills. Evidence tells us that better "soft" skills lead to better "hard" results.The development of effective soft skills begins with the awareness of ineffective soft skills. The 360 assessment shows an individual what others think their performance is versus what it should be and what they think it is. The understanding of others' perception will increase an individual's drive for success, when he/she is given the information in a coaching feedback session.

How Does it Work?

Our 360-Degree process can look at these areas and/or any others that we customize depending on the client:



Performance Management/Coaching





Customer Service

Once the competencies that are to be assessed are identified, you have the ability to customize the 360 tool to specifically look at those competencies. Then the 360 questionnaire goes out to the people who have been identified by either the individual for whom the 360 is being done, or their leader. Typically there may be 5-10 respondents who will respond the assessment directly on the Internet.

Sample 360 Survey

Sample 360 Survey - Click on this link to be taken directly into a sample 360 survey.

Key Results and What to DO! 

When the results come back, you have a detailed report showing the gaps between where they are and where they need to be. Key features provided in the process are:  

Mean average scores

Favorable/unfavorable report

Gap size analysis

Written Comments

Development Plan (Customizable 
and/or optional)

Coaching (optional)


360 Report Descriptions

Written Comments

This type of report provides a comprehensive description of all the written comments provided by the surveys respondents. The comments are listed in a sequence and separated by a thin horizontal line. When a survey participant provides no written comments to an open-ended questions, the report shows nothing in between the separating lines.

Written Comments Sample

Mean Report

The Mean Report represents the average of responses to a survey question or group of questions (category). The mea is calculated by adding all the responses to a given question and dividing the sum by the total amount of responses. The result is indicated by a number and graphically displayed as a bar graph.

If an answer option has been identified as "No Response" (such as "Don't Know," or "Not Applicable"), those responses will be automatically excluded from the calculation of the Mean score. This ensures that the average is based on the "meaningful" responses.

The Mean Report is recommended when you need an overall summary of survey results. The Mean Report provides an at-a-glance look at the data which is very valuable when you are looking at large amounts of data or when you simply need the average scores.

360 Mean Score Sample

Favorable/Unfavorable Report

This report shows the percentage of respondents who gave  favorable, neutral and unfavorable scores. Negative responses are typically associated with options like: Strongly Disagree, or Disagree.

Neutral responses are typically associated with options like: Neither Agree nor Disagree, or Neutral. Positive responses are typically associated with options like: Strongly Agree, or Agree. The Favorable/Unfavorable report type automatically groups answer options together to convey the overall positive, neutral and negative tone of responses. This report is very informative and more detailed and descriptive than the Mean Report.

360 Favorable vs Unfavorable Sample

Frequency Distribution Report

This is a detailed look at the responses to each question in the survey broken down by the type of respondent (e.g. peer, boss, customer, self, etc.) and the distribution of the responses within each question's options.

360 Frequency Distribution Sample

We're Committed To Your Success

Catalyst Performance consultants are available to provide you personalized support and help you benefit from your system. We are particularly interested in helping you implement the program, establish baselines, and provide interpretation and developmental insights. Our firm is committed to helping you maximize your productivity and profits through better employee selection, retention, and development.

For more information on how you can create cost-effective 360-Degree assessments and implement a follow-on coaching process tailored to your organization's needs, give us a call at 410-499-0516.



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