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Personal Interests, Attitudes 
                               and Values Motivators

The WHY Behind Your Behavior AND Action!

(Available as an assessment or workshop combined
with an analysis of behavioral style) 

What is it that motivates you to take action? 

What is the source of your desire to become involved in certain activities—or to avoid them?

Why do you behave in the manner you do?

The answers lies deep within your unique set of personal interests, attitudes and values. These powerful motivating forces within you largely affect how you behave and how others perceive you. Identifying them is important to understanding what makes you effective, satisfied and personally successful.

Defining Attitudes

In 1928 Edward Spranger wrote a book entitled "Types of Men." He identified six major attitudes or world views. These attitudes are a type of window through which we view the world and seek fulfillment in our lives. If we are participating in a discussion, activity or career that is in alignment with our attitudes, we will value the experience. Conversely, if we are in a conversation, activity or career that is in conflict with our dominant attitudes, we will be indifferent or even negative toward the experience, possibly causing stress.

The Motivation Insights™ assessment measures the relative weight one places on the Theoretical, Utilitarian, Aesthetic, Social, Individualistic and Traditional values. Each value is ranked as being Strong, Situational, or Indifferent. The report then addresses each of the values and gives descriptors of actions and initiatives you might expect to see exhibited from the person based on the value. 

The six basic personal interests, attitudes and values motivators are: 

Theoretical - A passion to discover truth. The chief aim in life is to order and systematize knowledge for the sake of knowledge itself.

Utilitarian / Economic --Practical interest in money and a passion for what is useful.  Time and resources are meted out with an eye to future economic gain.

Aesthetic - Interest in form and harmony. Life is a series of episodic events, each enjoyed for its own sake. Has a heightened sense of beauty and inner vision (not necessarily talented in creative artistry).

Social - Inherent love of people. Seeks to eliminate hate and conflict. Other persons are ends to themselves (not means). Altruistic, kind, empathetic, and generous, even to their own detriment.

Individualistic / Political - The primary interest for this value is Power, not necessarily politics in the traditional sense. Research indicates that leaders in most fields have a high power value. In this person's eyes, other people may be seen and used as simply the means to an end.

Traditional / Regulatory - Unity and order. The need to be regulated or the need for structure from an outside source. Seeks to comprehend the cosmos as a whole and to relate themselves to a global totality. May alternate between the negation and affirmation of life, or seek mystical oneness. Dislikes change and chaos. May also exhibit inflexibility with regard to their convictions.

Click here for more detailed descriptions and characteristics of the Values Motivators.

"Valuing Your Life and Others"

Values interact with one another. Most of our studies show that two or three values will be dominant and impel action. The very lack of importance of particular values can be significant in itself, since it shows the relative priority of the dominant motivators.

Values can and do change over a period time. Some values eclipse others as needs and wants are satisfied. Values are also affected by interactions with family, friends, teachers, religious issues, geographic location, the media, leaders and so on.

Once you are aware of the dominant attitudes contributing passion and purpose to your life, you will be able to clarify what drives your actions, as well as what causes conflict. For example, if you are currently question whether you are in the right career, knowing your attitudes will help you decide. In addition, applying an understanding of attitudes to your relationships with others will deepen your appreciation of them and clarify the WHY of your interactions.

Results and Benefits of the Motivation Insights™ Assessment 

The knowledge you gain from the Motivation Insights™ assessment reports (in either the personal or workplace motivators version) will help you take control of your decisions, your life's direction and your appreciation of others. You will:

Know the WHY of your automatic reactions.

Make career choices that are more in line with your underlying passions.

Understand the causes of conflict in your life.

Understand relationships and interactions with others more effectively.

Develop an increased appreciation for each of the six attitudes—within in yourself AND others.

Gain flexibility of being able to see life from different viewpoints.

Increase your satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

How Does it Work?

The Motivation Insights™ assessment measures your responses in each of the six attitudes. The assessment is made up of 12 questions and takes only 10 minutes to complete - either on paper or online through our Internet Delivery System. It is simple and amazing in the results it produces because it looks at hundreds of inter-relationships between responses.

Once we have your completed responses a computerized report is generated.  The report shows each of the six attitudes compared to a recently validated national average. You are provided with information on the WHY of your actions which, with application, can positively impact your life.

When we send you the report we'll also schedule a feedback session. The report combined with our feedback session is often one of the most insightful developmental encounters our clients have ever experienced.

Sample TTI Success Insights™ PIAV Version Report

Sample Workplace Motivators™ Report

We then build on the assessment by coaching clients in pursuing their goals based on their values. This is an excellent starting point for too often people pursue goals that are not aligned with values and then find themselves unmotivated to accomplish them. Our coaching is values-based so that goals are attractive and achievable. We also offer seminars that combine an analysis of behavioral style with values. Feel free to contact us for more information at 410-499-0516.

Intro to Behavioral Style Profiling

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