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If you manage people in your organization and have purchasing authority, you may qualify for one free assessment of your choice.

The DISC Behavioral Profile

Over 30 million people have benefited from the DISC system. The DISC Behavioral Styles Profiles gives you a detailed look inside yourself, and others, and offers different approaches in communicating.

When you take the DISC profile, one of our Certified Behavioral Analysts will take the time to review your results and explain how to interpret the information. As a result, you'll discover detailed insights on yourself (or your employees) in such areas as:

Your unique talents

How to use your talents for personal and professional success

Value to the organization

The most effective communication techniques

How to create an ideal working environment

Perceptions - Yours and Others

Potential blind spots

Motivational triggers

Stress-related behaviors and triggers

Tips for managing

A plan for personal and professional growth

Targeted versions of the DISC Behavioral Profile are available for:


Manager-Staff Relationships

Sales People

Customer Service

Team Building

Simply click on the button below and complete information form. You will then receive directions via email for taking the assessment. An analyst will contact you to arrange a convenient time to discuss your results.

The Personal Interests, Attitudes, and Values Profile (PIAV)

By discovering personal values and how they shape behavior, you can develop strategies to motivate yourself and your employees by reducing conflict and enhancing an environment of cooperation.

Through the insights held within the PIAV profile, you will be able to:

Hear the true meaning of what’s being said.

Learn to use communication to your advantage.

Speak to your customers/employees in a language that will motivate them.

Learn to lead the way in any situation.

Stop wasting time that could otherwise be used to accomplish goals.

Receive more praise, more promotions, and more authority.

After you have completed the assessment, you will receive a copy via email. And because interpretation of the profile is so important, we will also arrange a free telephone consultation so your profile can be professionally evaluated for you.

Simply complete the registration form, and we’ll make all the arrangements for you. You will receive directions via email for taking the complimentary assessment.

The TTI Personal Talent Skills Inventory (PTSI)

The  is a powerful business tool designed to provide accurate insight into a person’s strengths and areas for development. DISC profiles tell you HOW a person will perform in the job. It profiles their behavioral style. The Personal Interests Attitudes and Values tells you WHY a person behaves. It profiles their internal motivation. The TTI Personal Talent Skills Inventory tells you WHAT a candidate will focus on.

The TTI Personal Talent Skills Inventory is a mathematically accurate assessment that objectively identifies how our mind interprets our experiences. And it identifies how we are most likely to react in any given situation. Basically it examines "how we think." It helps us to make judgments about anything. In turn, this allows us to translate these measurements into quantitative scores that can then be more easily understood, compared and applied to the daily world.

Targeted TTI Personal Talent Skills Inventories and reports are available to identify key talents required in a number of business positions, such as:

Leadership and Management  

Sales Management


General Employment  

Customer Service


Emotional Intelligence

To experience the Attribute Index for yourself, simply click on the button below and complete the information form. You will then receive directions via email for taking the assessment. An analyst will contact you to arrange a convenient time to discuss your results.

Your Free Profile

Thank you for your interest in the DISC Behavioral Profile, the PIAV Profile and the TTI Personal Talent Skill Inventory. Qualified decision-makers are eligible for a complimentary report so that you can experience its accuracy and value for yourself.

We know you will find it "enlightening" because the report will be all about YOU! We do ask permission to contact you. We want an opportunity to talk with "some" of our respondents about their personalized report and how it will benefit them. Our systems are secure and your report will be sent to the email address you provide.

We only select a few companies to contact, but we do like to ask for permission prior to doing so.

If you do not want to give us permission to contact you, please:

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Building Effective Teams

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Managing People More Effectively



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DISC Behavioral Profile - Executive/Leader

DISC Behavioral Profile - Manager-Staff Version

DISC Behavioral Profile - Sales Person

Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values (PIAV)

TTI Personal Talent Skills Inventory (PTSI)

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