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Talent Assessments

Maximizing Talent Potential

Our revolutionary talent assessment process provides an in-depth understanding of your employee or candidate's talent potential. The assessment covers three dimensions.

Behaviors - how they perform and respond to the work environment

Motivators - why they do what they do, what drives them

Cognitive Structure - their ability to make a quick and accurate judgments

This data allows your management team to

Identify and develop employee strengths

determine how to use your employees' talents in alignment with your company's goals and purpose

reward employees in meaningful and satisfying ways

create a coaching and training pathway that releases employees' full talent potential

increase loyalty and productivity through job satisfaction communicate more effectively with individuals on their teams

Catalyst Performance Systems offers a one-on-one assessments debriefing process with a talent and performance coach, which helps both the individual and your company understand and apply the data and reach your greatest potential.


Sample Talent Assessment TriMetrix™ System Reports  

This report reveals a comprehensive, three dimensional picture of an individual's talent potential. It gives you a clear blueprint of their behavioral style, their underlying motivators and their judgment patterns.

The TriMetrix™ System Coaching Report - Executive

The TriMetrix™ System Coaching Report - General

The TriMetrix™ System Coaching Report - Sales

To discover more about how the Catalyst Performance Systems Talent Assessment and Coaching Process can help your organization, give us a call at 410-499-0516. 

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