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Successful Career Planning

What is Right for You?

Choosing a career is often a frustrating process.  Many of our clients have been in careers they "fell" into and now want to deliberately choose a career. 

Clients often come to us to uncover what is right for them in terms of career or livelihood.  We work with a couple of assessments and one-on-one coaching to help them know themselves well enough to make intelligent career choices and decisions.

This tool can be used at any time during a career, for a complete change or a slight tweak in careers. It provides information, along with our Behavioral Style and Values assessments that paint a picture of what a person's interests and passion may be. 

This Assessment Looks at:

Personal Characteristics - Knowing who you are is key to making smart career choices

Personal Strengths - Being clear about this is powerful

Basic Needs - So that the person can perform at optimum levels

Response to the Environment - What the person deems necessary to be successful

Present Wants - People are motivated by the things they want

Ideal Work Environment - Paints a picture of what the person wants

Current Work Environment - Contrasted with the Ideal is valuable information

Communication Strategies - For those managing the person

Strengths and Weaknesses - Self-understanding is key

Job Indicator - A list of jobs based on this person's responses

Sample of the Successful Career Planning™ report.

To learn more about this tool and our career development work, contact us.


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